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Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul (MRO)

MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) requires best in class solutions to maintain a competitive edge.

Streamlining work applications is a necessity to maintain efficiencies in the manufacturing, repair and production cycle. Implementing the new Reverse Engineering ReSpect™ product can save hours and days during inspection and measurement tasks. SOLIDWORKS direct plug-in, speeds tasks while inspecting and measuring directly within the SOLIDWORKS platform.


Alignment - Hard probe - 3D Laser Scan - Parametric model- Final part

Model of the bearing housing flange feature created using the FARO hard probe and FARO laser scan cloud of points.
Reverse engineering with software module from direct in CAD

Completed parametric solid model of the bearing housing.

Final part

How has WeirMinerals benefited from working with
The costs associated with having a laser scanning provider scan our patterns and provide uswith cloud or polygonal mesh data was very expensive.With our software and a laser scanner we can create our own cloud data at no cost other than our own labour and the initial capital expenditure.
Impeller - Initial data scanned from an impeller pattern. The file is a cloud of points scanned using software and then read into Siemens NX. Profiled Siemens NX data revolved into a solid model _ (intermediate stage) of the entire pattern. Profiled Siemens NX data revolved into a solid model _ (intermediate stage) of the entire pattern.

Impeller blades surface, modeled from cloud of points and hard probing splines, using software and FARO arm/LLP direct in SolidWorks.
Engineer Hard probes and 3d Scans data from the Impeller. The file is a combination of a cloud of points scanned using HIPP software and SolidWorks. Senior Designer

Set up axis of rotation alignment for SolidWorks
Using the alignment software tools.
Pump casting housing to be reverse engineered with FARO CMM/LLP laser, the SolidWorks plug-in and SolidWorks design software.

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