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The Latest in Engineering Software

HIPP By is the newest engineering software from our team in La Jolla, California. This standalone software application is a reverse engineering tool that aims to streamline point cloud processing. With HIPP, our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between CAD, CMMs, and laser scanners.

About HIPP

HIPP is an intuitive graphical user interface that offers immediate access to data sets during the scanning process. Engineers can now rapidly collect point clouds and immediately perform tasks that assist with their model-as-they-go or inspection applications. Users enjoy effortless spinning, visual inspections, and fast exporting of industry-standard file formats like ASCII, TXT, XYZ, DAT and RES.

HIPP Overview

HIPP is the perfect front-end tool to quickly grab data during the scanning process and produce output in convenient formats for downstream applications. You can even move scanned point clouds with their original alignments.

HIPP provides immediate access to point reduction techniques in the software as well. Downstream CAD applications often experience difficulty handling large data sets, and our HIPP standalone software dramatically decreases unnecessary data. Users can apply user-defined tolerance specifications and snap point data to 2-dimensional planes with a click of the mouse. You will no longer be encumbered with point-heavy clouds, and will enjoy the flexibility of working with optimized data.

You'll immediately notice HIPP's ease of customization. Working with large, organic data sets often presents huge hurdles that adversely affect productivity. The HIPP standalone addresses these problems with features that allow engineers to customize key transformation processes. In addition, large physical objects can be manipulated with custom configurations. Other HIPP features include:

  • Model-as-You-Go Technology
  • Industry Standard Hardware Compatibility
  • Imported Scanned Point Cloud Compatibility
  • Import & Export Existing Part Alignments
  • Digitize Object Alignments
  • Real Time Data Collection with Onscreen Display
  • Laser Tracker Gravity Plane
  • Home Laser Tracker
  • Multiple Viewing Settings
  • Restore Option for Previously Viewed Data
  • Display Configuration with Point Cloud Rendering
  • Save Scanned Data as .res, .dat, .xyz, .ascii or .txt
  • Import 3D Scanned Data as .res, .dat, .xyz, .ascii or .txt
  • Control x, y, yz, xz, & Radial Plan Setup
  • Quick Measure Point-to-Point Distance with CMM
  • Digitize Scan to Planes
  • Lock to Planes Data Processing
  • Custom Alignment: Single Points, Circles, Spheres, & Lines
  • Custom Plane Configuration
  • Thin Data Set

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