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Sketch Entities - Sketch lines, circles, splines, planes and other entities with your Faro, Romer, Microscribe, Kreon Baces arm.

AutoSketch – Quickly sketch open or closed profile perimeters.

Probe Compensation – Automatically apply offset values to compensate probe tips.

Settings dialog - Work faster with less mouse clicks

Best-Fit Algorithms – Apply the optimal faces/entities to represent rougher surfaces.

Measurement Modes – Acquire single points or use continuous scan modes.

Real time DRO - Inspect and compare the part to the model alignment

About Us

HIPP Powered By is revolutionizing 3D modeling and reverse engineering. From our headquarters in La Jolla, California, we offer several integrated solutions for turbocharging your reverse engineering process, all while providing a "model as you go" environment. Our newest interface, HighRES Integrated Point Cloud Processor (HIPP), provides the ability to natively import scans into CAD systems as parametric sketches that can be modified into 3D models. Find out more about this exciting new software by speaking with one of our representatives today. is aggressively expanding and enhancing operations, with increased focus on customer services and R&D. Our family of CAD-integrated reverse engineering and measurement software dramatically improves workflow by providing time-saving functionality and eliminating the need to import data from non-native platforms. This capability significantly improves the ability to edit or inspect digitized data in your native CAD environment as true native CAD entities.

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